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Rowe Trailer

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Dwayne Rowe is a guy who struggles trying to maintain and balance both the street and family life. Rowe is part of a group of friends that grew up together and formed a tight bond, with his friend Malaky being the self -appointed leader. Together as a unit the crew lives a life that includes money, parties, women, and respect. While running the streets, Rowe’s on again/off again girlfriend Michelle becomes pregnant and wants Rowe to change his lifestyle. Rowe really wants to be there for his family, but soon discovers his past and his friend’s history and reputation won’t allow him. When a string of murders, crimes, and unsolved mysteries take place involving friends and crew members, things begin to unravel, tension builds inside the crew and suddenly friends are forced to become rivals. With everyone pointing the finger at each other, no one is safe. What was thought to be an easy fix, has now become a deadly nightmare.

The Press Wrote.

Shockingly surprising from start to finish. Very crafty writing. Very dramatic and highly entertaining.
The Write Vision News
Robert Price
It will have you guessing from start to finish. A true mystery.
The Small Review
Andrew Smalls